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A family at the service
of true and genuine taste

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For over forty years

Our company

It was 1982 when Alberto Testini and the Rotella brothers embarked on the path of producers in the food sector, continuing an artisan activity already started in the early twentieth century in the name of quality and the Valtellinese tradition .

In 2006 Alberto involved his sons by handing them down the ancient Valtellinesi recipes , consolidated over the years, together with completely artisanal processing techniques such as dry salting, massage and manual binding of the meat, as well as the natural seasoning .

All in full respect of the raw material, always fresh, carefully selected, to offer a genuine and naturally good product , because we are what we eat (L. Feuerbach) and we care about all our consumers.

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We are artisans because ...

We put
our eyes, heart and hands

Craftsmanship but also deep and constant research guide us to continuously improve, placing all the knowledge accumulated in forty years of history in maximum food safety, meeting the needs of consumers with perseverance and passion.

We use hands as an extension of our thinking ... we only pay attention to the result and not to the time taken. Each process is still done by hand, from salting to tying, this allows us a rigorous visual control and a great peculiarity of the product.

We give love to what we have chosen with care ... the raw material, always fresh, must always meet our quality standards, before dedicating ourselves to her with the craftsmanship that distinguishes us, refined over the years.

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Our research continues ...

in favor of taste

We are attentive to the evolution of taste, to always find new overwhelming flavors, which accompany the most beautiful moments to share with those we love.

Tradition but also contemporaneity, are what characterizes us. We adapt our recipes to the current needs of our consumers' palate for unforgettable taste experiences. Our research is continuous and evolves with contemporary taste.

Flavors of Valtellina

Let's start the memory and culture of our land on the table

We have our feet firmly planted on the ground ... ours! We believe in what we produce to give more value to our table. We look at real things without tricks and without deceit and our products reflect us and our territory, a valley full of ancient traditions and flavors.

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The Montagna laboratory in Valtellina

We are an artisan cured meat factory we only pay attention to the result and not to the time taken

We still use the production techniques of the past, with the utmost respect for the raw material that reserves us unforgettable taste experiences.
We choose only the best raw material according to the highest quality standards.

We use only natural aromas, the flavors of our mountains, our hands and our heart to offer our customers, young and old, genuine naturally good cured meats.

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